Phillip Uebele, Scoutmaster

I was a Cub Scout and am an Eagle Scout and have stayed active in scouts because I believe in the program.  Scouting teaches the youth so many real life skills and gives them a safe place to be a part of.  My passion for the program has let me work with many young men particularly as an adviser for different actives put on by the camps and Order of the Arrow. I have served as camp staff for 5 full summers, many day camps for cubs, Camporee's, caravans and fellowships.  I have been a Camp Master at Trask and currently work with other volunteers to provide programs for our youth.  Besides an Eagle I am a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow and a Silver Beaver recipient. My hope is to help every scout to obtain their Eagle rank and will do everything in my power to make that happen.

Bob Sauer
Assistant Scoutmaster
Al Espinoza 
Assistant Scoutmaster
Ruben Varela
Assistant Scoutmaster
Assistant Scoutmasters:
-Lou Holtz
-Cameron Izuno
-Isaac Garcia
-Patrick Shopbell
-Tony Pa