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Troop 31 Calendar - Next 3 Months

January 2023

Wednesday Troop Meetings

      Come see us at ABVM (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) any Wednesday at 7:30 pm!

     January 18



     January 25


February 2023

Wednesday Troop Meetings

     February 1

        Kingdom (Game)

     February 6 (Monday)

        Committee Meeting

     February 8

        Valentine's Day Cards

     February 15

        Knots & Lashings / Meal Planning (for campout)

     February 22

        Dark (No Meeting) - Ash Wednesday


Major Events

     February 18-19

        Camping at Chilao / Backpacking in Angeles National Forest

March 2023

Wednesday Troop Meetings

     March 1

        Bracket Making for March Madness!

     March 6 (Monday)

        Committee Meeting

     March 8

        Troop Elections / Meal Planning (for campout)

     March 15

        Basketball Tournament

     March 22


     March 29

        Knots & Lashings


Major Events

      March 11-12

        Camping at McLaughlin's Ranch

      Thursday (Exact date TBD)

        Pack 31 Banquet & Crossover

April 2023

Wednesday Troop Meetings

     April 3 (Monday)

        Committee Meeting

     April 5

        Camporee Planning / TBD

     April 12

        Easter Egg Hunt

     April 19

        Sign Language

     April 26

        Fun Night Planning

Major Events

      Friday ~ Saturday (Exact date TBD

        Camporee @ Trask (May not happen due to recent wildfires & floods)

      Saturday (Exact date TBD)

        Assumption Fun Night

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